Monday, September 13, 2010

Putu Development - Grand Gedah Association in the Americas register Disappointment

GGAA Disappointed With Gedeh Mountain Concession Agreement

(Letter published in the Liberian Journal)

(Sep 13, 2010)
[photo: Jeremiah Garwo Sokan, Sr. Secretary General, GGAA]

The National Administration of Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas learned this past week that the Putu Mountain (Gedeh Mountain) concession agreement presented to the Liberian legislature few days ago was passed by the august body and is now enacted into law.

We the citizens of Grand Gedeh County are disappointed in the manner in which the Government of Liberia handled the entire process:

1) Government of Liberia failed to include a representation from the Grand Gedeh County on the committee responsible for the drafting the Putu Ore Mining Concession Agreement and inform the people at least about key provisions.

2) The draft concession agreement was kept as a secret from the people of Grand Gedeh County by the Committee-in-Charge and the Government of Liberia. Drafting a document that would affect the lives and livelihood of people residing in the areas of mining should not have been kept as secret until it passes into law. This practice is unfair and overlooked the opinions of the citizens of the region.

3) Government of Liberia blended the deliberations on this critical agreement with the complex debate of the 2010 Annual National Budget of the Republic of Liberia. As a result, the 150-page, plus document (the Putu Mountain Concession Agreement) was rushed down the throats of the people of Grand Gedeh County without them knowing the content.

In this 21st century, a participatory leadership style is the bedrock to good governance. It is incomprehensible that such aspect of civil service will elude our leadership on critical issues that will affect the lives and livelihood of people who live in the areas of the mining activities.


Jeremiah Garwo Sokan, Sr.
National Secretary General, GGAA

Tel: 484- 948-9484, e-mail:

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