Thursday, August 16, 2007

Reverse Liberia's Brain Drain - Promote Brain Gain

We applaud Senator Wotorson's interest in hiring policies at mining concessionaire Arcelor Mittal. (see 15Aug2007 STAR RADIO story:
"Senator Wotorson wants MITTAL Steel employment criteria reviewed")

However, he left out an element that could be a windfall benefit for Liberia. As long as the government is reviewing the criteria set up by
Mittal Steel for the recruitment of its personnel to the advantage of young college graduates in country, let us not discount the Liberian

Don't forget there are many Liberians in foreign lands waiting on the opportunity to come back to Liberia to finally contribute to the
economy of their home. The hiring criteria must not only concentrate on the young college graduates. Of course we should pay attention to their
rapacious hunger for employment opportunities at Arcelor Mittal, but we should strike a balance. Reverse Liberia's brain drain, promote brain

We have not forgotten that is these are the same young collegians who were so hasty to except an early ill-conceived deal with Mittal Steel
hoping for employment. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed. If not Liberia would have made an embarrassing error, stopping short of
recognized world standards for mining development.

Let's ask for both managerial training for the young folks and employment for the seasoned experienced perspective employees. This is
exactly the kind of diversity in the work force Liberia needs now.

In addition, let us not lose focus on the expansion of non-manager positions. Development of skilled tradesmen is what will give Liberia
the edge to break the pattern of growth without development.


Reverse Liberia's Brain Drain - Promote Brain Gain
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