Monday, March 09, 2009

Shift from Blood Diamonds to Dirty Gold

By their own press release last week Venga Aerospace Systems Inc. announced that its mining affiliate, "Global Mineral Investments, LLC (GMI), has now shipped the main mining dredge and related equipment and supplies that will be used in GMI's gold dredging operation that will be carried on in those portions of the Upper Tartweh River flowing through GMI's GoldMatta concession located in the Sanquin Mining Zone, Sinoe County, Republic of Liberia."


So GMI could start the dredging operation before the end of the first week of April.Gold mining remains one of the dirtiest industries in the world, and we should keep our eyes open with concern. In the absence of indications to the contrarily, does GMI expect to hide their dirty deeds in the flow of the rainy season?

We are not trying to negatively impugn GMI’s motives, but let us see their mining and reclamation plan. Accountability is all we ask.The state of the art demands that environmental considerations play an important role in the development and exploitation of all mineral resources in the Republic of Liberia. GMI is busy on the site now, but let us ask:

Where is plan to deal with water quality, air quality, land degradation, visual impact, noise, flora and fauna, rare and endangered species, and cultural resources?

Where is transparency related to the chemical extraction processes: the types and amount of wasted produces (solids, liquids, and gases)?

Where is the preparation for the short and long term stability of waste products, alteration of minerals and metal by the process, the process water balance and the need for discharge, and the method of waste disposal and treatment?

Sanquin district is a long distance from the ocean, imagine the impact. Dirty or clean, which is it going to be?


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